Accelerate your business in 2018 with Naomi Findlay

Behind the scenes and business incubator with Naomi Findlay

The Behind the Scenes is a two day exclusive event where there will be a concentrated focus on strategically planning 2018 for your business and identifying the strategic plan. It is a two day business incubator to set your goals, plan and steps to accelerating your business in 2018 regardless of what stage your business is at.

The event includes a half day warehouse visit at Silk Home HQ. This is ideal for people that are at the point in business where you are starting to think about inventory and how to run the logistics of your business, as well as for people that know that there is a better way to manage what you already have but you are not sure how to take steps in the right direction?

Join me to find out how you can get this and so much more at The Behind the Scenes event!

This is a boutique event with a maximum of 15 participants

Join us (date TBC) in 2018 and improve your business from the inside out.

OR pay by monthly installments 3x $550 CLICK HERE